The client came to us stressing the importance of the Philips Healthcare site having its own unique look. The site needed to stand out as its own sub-brand of the entire Philips system. Through leveraging the new look and brand guidelines of Philips we were able to create a strong dynamic system for the Healthcare sub-brand.

Adjustable Environment

While following the new brand rules of Philips, I created a dynamic and responsive website with lots of room to grow. The system was made up of templates and modules that will allow further designers to take our rules and apply them to their own needs.

The goal of working responsively for this website, was to create beautiful and powerful designs with full complex functionality. Our tight grid and spacing allows for the design to respond and flex to the users perfect view port. The modules and interactive element flex and grow to fit user needs in the most simple and extreme cases.

Before designing this new system, the healthcare site had little appeal to Doctors and patients. The site was too technical for patients and not technical enough for Doctors. While working on visually creating this site, it was important to structure stories that showed the relationship between Doctor and patient. The path that led to success on both ends.

Story Telling

Philips Healthcare