User Driven

Philips was requesting a file sharing web application for internal use among employees. Through research, UX work and visual design, we created a file portal. The portal works in ways of packaging content into "scenarios" for each user to pick from. If you are an HR Recruiter going to a job fair, you can select the "Job fair scenario" and receive all the documents you might need, from forms and signs to video content and email signatures.

It was important to shape the experience as a funnel. The user must be able to narrow down the destination of the assets they are in search for, but might not even know exist. The first step the user takes will be selecting what department they will be using the tools for. An administrator can add "careers" or departments as needed (CFO, HR, Manager ETC).



Users have three view options allowing for easy visual digesting of the content. "Scenario" will appear either as a list view, two up view or 3 up view. Letting the user explore and customize this tool will help users feel more familiar with the tool and use it as a main resource.

The user is then guided into a page that gives descriptions of the tool sets that are offered. They can select one of three destin- ations per each tool set. One allows them for a larger view, with a more in debt description. The other allows for a list of document types, that the user may add to his or her shopping basket, and the third choice is to add all available document types to the basket.


Each "scenario" may be expanded for more info. The user can download the full "scenario" as an express checkout. They can expand the "scenario" to view the files inside, add individual files to the cart, or download single files. From here each file can be expanded into a preview view.


Users have a full search feature that offers results of files and "scenario", as well as common topics.

Guiding The User