Show Your Stuff

While creating case studies of Overdrive's projects, I realized this was not about showing off just the creative, but the success and results of each marketing campaign. This meant creating visualization around raw data. Telling a story of success rates with images instead of just data sheets and conversion rates.


Overdrive Interactive is a search media advertising firm in Boston, MA. While working for Overdrive Interactive, I learned a lot about SEO and search medial. While creating  the Overdrive website not only did we push for best SEO practices but we were challenged with finding a way to express results and other successes that were not design driven.

Case Studies

Creating case studies for Overdrive proved to be a challenging as we were not just creating stories based off designing websites and campaigns but on the ground swell of social success and SEO tracking.


The blog page and marketing collateral page divide topics up with color rollovers to indicate what pillar topic they connect with. This also helps back up the branding and structure of how Overdrive approaches marketing.