The entire video, created with a friend of mine, was constructed with found images cut out from magazines, collaged, hand moved, photographed and edited by us.


Below are loose ends to projects I've worked on at different agencies, side work as freelance and personal work. Small examples of branding, print, animation and campaign work.

Poster Design

When creating this poster series, I was challenged by the organization and branding that usually represents the Olympics. I felt, and still do feel, that the Olympics should not be represented and branded so tightly, sports should have there own personality, just as they draw their own fans. People are fans of the athletes, the action and the sport, so why not give it its own look.


Tree-Cycled is a promotional packaging project that reiterated the need to recycle and to use goods made from recycling. Again, I feel that the viewer will enjoy the realization of a playful stackable graphically obvious solution to packaging bathroom tissue.

Movie Poster Campaign

A quick poster design for a movie filmed in Lowell, MA. Directed by a very talented friend of mine.

Interactive Print

I like to work with ideas that seem very common, yet not realized. Design should allow the viewer to discover and make connections. The viewer has a fun sense of reward, unlike a straight forward design.

With these book covers, I developed something fun, revealing and interactive. I feel the ideas and concepts behind these, are something quite obvious, almost so obvious that one might almost look right past it.

It is the sense of play and discovery of the concept by the viewer that generally puts a smile on their face, and to me that makes the design a success.

Truth Lighting Logo

Creating a branding experience for a start up lighting company. The branding experience allows for playful color exchange as well as gradient vs. pattern exchange. This logo works well in black and white and animated.


Manetartian is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, styled in a fashion of a 1920's New York Butcher/Deli shop calling back to a day of food being pure, hearty and real. While trying to turn people onto a healthy life style and a vegan/vegetarian diet. The design is to help kill the stereotype of vegans and vegetarians being weak or wimpy.


Total Wine

Working with a talented team of designers and directors, I contributed my art direction to a pitch for a redesign of Total Wines new web experience. Channeling a rustic, fun and earthy style I created a direction to reach out to young foodies.