Fidelity Interactive

Creating fun interactive advertisements for Fidelity with a new angle. Showing the savings and comparing investment features with a sense of humor. As art director and visual designer, I worked with a copy writer to create these advertisements.

In this fun interactive advertisement, we feature two cards showing the pros of each. Allowing the user to choose the right account and deep dive for more information.

Two Cards

How far will 2% go

Forever scrolling

The idea of this ad was to have the user scroll left to right on a scene of a boat. The boat features many wacky and elaborate events such as a water park or a castle. The idea is to represent the elaborate savings one would get from receiving 2% cash back on all purchases.

Word Games

This interactive ad does the math for you. The user can swipe to get new "stories" which feature a fun yet random math equation to represent the savings and investments one receives from Fidelity.