Art Direction

We began with mood boards – visual ideas that let us think broadly about what we were trying to solve and give us a general feel for direction. This allowed us to see what resonated and what made HR feel good. And what images/logos/designs/photos seemed to be a good reflection.


So how does HR see themselves? Are they part of a big family? Do they take pride in the corporate culture? Or do they see themselves as a modern and hip extension of our brand? To resonate with an internal audience, we have to embrace the mood of our associates while remaining true to the company’s values and unique nature:







"Though we’re a family owned company, our associates have embraced the corporate culture -- we can see it in how we act, how we dress, and how we hold ourselves out in our communities."

Because of the company’s overall commitment to innovation,
the internal culture is not locked in corporate stodginess.

Instead the culture is forward thinking, modern, and technologically advanced.


As an art director I helped develop mood boards and client exercises that shaped the visual direction for Fidelity's HR Branding. Helping guide the client through decision making and visual exercises we were able to define a direction for the branding and the branches of HR that will take on the new brand. Client interaction helps gain answers and knowledge to guide the decision making.

"Fidelity has invested in us – and in the future – and by doing so has helped create the internal culture we have today. By creating a tone and manner that aligns with what we already provide to our customers every day, we would have a new brand we can ensure that we continue to have a brand that we can all be proud of and support."

Family Owned | Corporate Culture | Forward Thinking


The Breakdown

No employee branding exercise is complete without looking at how the key elements work throughout the life of the employee. Behind the “Invested in You” line is Fidelity’s commitment to four important things every employee wants:





Fidelity’s commitment to these key points are referenced in the strength of the new brand a system that expresses Fidelity’s market leading innovation -- and the growth opportunities we provide. The Brand supports Fidelity’s integrity by being transparent and open, but also bold and straightforward.

These are the elements that will shape the brand that employees will have contact with over their careers. This course can be broken down into the Fidelity Lifecycle Areas -- differentiated here by color -- that show an end-to- end view of an employee’s career-- supported by four strong pillars of employee support.

While each pillar is different, the flow from one to the other should be easy and natural, as each pillar builds upon the next to enhance and support a successful career.

Innovation | Integrity | Transparency | Growth 

This is our opportunity for our brand to connect to job seekers looking to find out more about our corporate culture – to show them that our workplace not only shares their values, but that when they come here, we’ll be Invested in Them from the start. By having

a forward thinking brand identity, prospects are greeted with the presence of the future -- our leading- edge and fast changing technology.

The on-boarding process of Fidelity can be daunting, so it’s important to show the

bold choices Fidelity has made for its employees and the transparency of how we make our choices. The brand identity will again show that we are Investing in Them – by guiding the user through the decision- making process and helping them land comfortably.

By having a consistent look and feel the brand will help the user feel organized and at ease while digesting lots new information.

As the longest touch point at Fidelity, this pillar focuses on career – and making sure we are all maximizing our benefits. Once again, our internal brand is all about being Invested in You – from health benefits and retirement savings to wellness and corporate perks. This

pillar showcases everything an employee needs to work and grow at our company. Once again, we’re making things easy with Online access and full transparency -- showcasing our commitment to career growth, and making sure the best and brightest are always have the leading edge of technology at their fingertips.

This pillar carries the hopes and dreams of all of us – to be successful in our careers, leave our mark, and always have a future to look forward to. Our brand says we are invested in you for your lifetime – providing departure benefits and continued 401(k) opportunities for those whose career goals or circumstances take them elsewhere. And for those who stay with Fidelity until retirement, we show the ultimate embodiment of our brand – the proof that Fidelity has always been invested us -- and will be in the future as well.