Functional Guide

While designing the experience, I created a build guide for our third party that was building our experience. The guide laid out

icons, color, grids, animation and graphics.

Fidelity DIY

As a push to have Fidelity Reps encourage users to use guidance with self investments, we created a parallax scrolling website to show the dangers of a DIY home project. The concept resonated with users and Reps in a way of awareness while still pushing fun technology and having a great laugh.

Story Telling

Breaking the story into scenes that work in a vertical space, we started at the sky, move to the top of the house, transition to a video of a man working on the side of the house. Moving to the interior of a flood scene and finishing with an electrical project.


With copy animating in, finding the right speed that will encourage users to slow down and read was a challenge. With parallax sites, we encourage users to scroll up and down, go fast and slow, and run at there own speeds, but with adding animation as a value will encourage users to stop and engage or read the content.

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