Denon presented us with a challenge of creating a campaign that showcases their different line of headphones. The campaign that we designed worked to show each headphone within its own sub-group while showing each sub- group with branding, texture and color.

The SEO Perspective

The campaign was designed around optimizing for SEO and SEM. Each headphone needed to be search-able by category and product type, as well as by Denon search specifications.

Targeting for All

We developed an email marketing campaign along with banner ads and social media marketing to cover all forms of engagement, with Denon's past customers and current Facebook fans.


We wanted to reach out to Denon's fans to educate them on the new products, as well as educate them on Denon's new branding concepts and navigation concepts that they will encounter when engaging on the new Denon headphone page.

The Finished Design

This project was created while working at Overdrive Interactive, under the creative direction of Guido Baratta.