This unique company, Analog Devices, requested a new eComerce website to facilitate their large product catalog. This type of site could not be just any old shopping experience, it needed to house a product catalog of over one million micro chips that can be compared to each other at a moments glance.


The engineers who use Analog chips also request lots of product support. Analog has grown to house all the support engineers would need for Analog chips and the chips of Analogs competitors.

It was our job to design a system with three goals in mind.

Speed to value
With such a dense site, the user needs to be able to find the correct content at first glance.

Through UX and UI we wanted to bring Analogs site into the future and far ahead of their competitors.

Tablet Friendly

A clean site with lots of white space and fat click-able buttons will allow for a faster desktop and tablet experience.

Speed to Value

With such a dense website that has very little imagery, we took a "way-finding" approach to the site, by systematically color coding sections and types of information. The user can identify what they are looking for by color and by the shape or layout of a section.

Each section having its own color, suggests the users current location in the site. Across the site the user will find similarity to help the user understand how to use each section. For instance, all the supporting content that might be a distraction to the user or might take the user off to another part of the site, is placed into a carousal of highlights. Each section of the site will have its own supporting highlights section, but it will be colored to notify what section the user is working in.

At first glance the former site was extremely dense and claustrophobic. Hierarchy was missing and content was everywhere.


A simple rule to help improve this, was to apply as much white space and openness to the site as possible. This allows things to breath and not jumble together.

Kicking the competitors butt. Our approach was a bit competitive, but thats OK. We wanted to give the customer a leg up. We developed an in-site system that allows the customer to track project approvals, microchip orders, saved documents and supporting features, as well as instructional help for each chip.


Color Coded

Clean And Open


Style / Build Guide

The new website has a full documented system to build the site. The document covers the basics of color and type, but we wanted to make sure development could finish the pages correctly. In the document we set up a system of modules, grids, templates and section pages to round out the theme of each section of the site.


A way to continue with the Innovative goal was to create a site that was tablet friendly and responsive for mobile devices. The site was built on a 960 grid with 54 px padding to make the site more tap and touch friendly. From here the site is easy to use at any responsive breakpoint needed.

The goal of working responsively for this website is to allow the user to have a great experience without a bias to how the user wants to access the site.